Posted by: Sarah Kemp | February 24, 2010

What NOT to wear- Interview Edition

With the tight job market in today’s economy, I have found that after many job interviews there are a few things that should happen before, during, and after the interview. I also have learned helpful hints from my parents, who have done many interviews and hiring in their careers. My Aunt also has put her input when I have asked her for advice on interviewing and the follow-up with the company. I have found that asking your family for help is a good way to get an honest and straight forward opinion to help you in the workforce. The main thing that I have heard time and time again, is to dress appropriate, and overall to impress the interviewer.

On a College Fashion blog, they give tips and advice to recent graduates and new interviewees on being prepared and what to wear at an interview. I found it very insightful and it had great pictures too, which provided links to clothing websites to find the outfits. All of the information is geared towards females, sorry guys! Some of my favorite facts according to the site were:

First impressions are formed in 7 seconds.  38% of a first impression is based on inflection and tone of voice (how you say things), 7% is based on what you actually say, and a whopping 55% of a first impression comes from NONVERBAL cues!  In short, more than half of every first impression is based on how you look!

Dress to impress.

  • Wear bold colors. Blues and red are power colors that can be impressive in the interviewing process. Do not wear anything revealing and wear something that YOU feel comfortable in.
  • A lot of what you should wear to an interview depends on what industry you’re trying to get a job in! There is the conservative look, artsy, fashionable…

Another blogger Lush360 discussed picking out an interview outfit with her sister-in-law, and talked about how important first impressions are when there are 13 million people jobless in the U.S. A few questions that she mentioned to ask yourself when looking for interview outfits are:

  •  What position are you interviewing for?
  • Is it low, medium or high-level?
  • What industry is the job in?

This will be a good guide to have before you go into the stores to look for an outfit. She also mentioned to pick things that could mix and match, so in the future you could where the clothes again when you get the job!



  1. I love all the outfits in the picture! It took me forever to find an interview outfit. I feel like I went to every store from Virginia to Georgia. I wanted to stand out, so I didn’t want to go with the traditional black suit and white shirt, but I didn’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons. After a forever long search, I feel like I am starting to accumulate work clothes, and they are so expensive! Thank god some PR firms are more casual and you only dress up when you need to.

  2. […] Link: […]

  3. Wow, those are some sharp outfit ideas ( the images) never would of thought about those picks. I always think dry, boring and simple because that is how teachers present it in the classes I have taken thus far. I always want to be fun and cute, and you have shown that you can be that and still remain professional. That is very interesting that in seven seconds first impressions are formed, did not know that. I also did not know to wear bold colors and that blue and red are power colors that can impress the interviewer. After reading this blog, I am not going to blend in with the rest.

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