Posted by: Sarah Kemp | January 19, 2010

Blog Comments PRCA 3711/4711 Spring 2010

This post is to log comments on my classmates, & PR professionals blogs during the spring 10′ semester…

Comment #1  B.Nixon’s post “the one job interview question” 2/3/2010

Wow! This short video was great. I agree with Lauren that it was also a little scary at the same time. My Aunt works for Proctor & Gamble and has told me similar interview questions about your most exciting project, and how did you overcome a challenge, but when I heard the question in the video “what do you read?”… I had to stop and think. I read my textbooks, journal articles for research papers, facebook updates, tweets, Oprah’s book club… I am not sure I would like to share any of these during an interview. This goes to show that being in the industry of PR, there is a lot more to basic interview questions, and through questions like these in the video you can learn a lot more about someone. I am glad that I heard the questions here first, so that I can prepare myself!

Comment #2  Sandy Bluegoues post  on 3/4/10

“I thought that your slideshow on the new job market was very helpful for students, like me, looking for jobs. I am a Public Relations major at Georgia Southern and many of our professors have made social networking and blogging a requirement because it has become so important. It is nice to hear that it is important from someone besides your professor though too! I have a lot of friends that have tried using, and the statistic that you gave about the low percentage of people actually getting hired from their site really shocked me. I used this slideshare on my own blog,, so thank you for all of the information!”

Comment #3 Ally Kup’s Tribes-Seth Godin 3/9/10

“Hey Ally- I really liked your slideshare on Seth Godin’s book Tribes. It was very pleasing to the eye and flowed really well with the information from the book. I couldn’t believe that he used $20,000 in savings to fund his company “Seth GodinProductions”. That is amazing. I remember talking about the book in Intro to PR when we had it together and now his blog is rated the “#1 marketing blog”. Godin’s theory on learning experiences is true and with social media at the level it is, it is more and more similar to a tribe online. I was watching the news the other day and even Twitter is now a creditable source for celebrities to voice their opinions about what is being said about them. Way to be successful Mr. Godin! Want to be in my tribe?? :)”

Comment #4 Lush360’s post ” What to wear to an Interview“. 4/11

“Hey-I really enjoyed your post about what to wear in a job interview. I am applying for jobs right now, about to graduate college, and the outfit you and your sister picked out was great! I also like the pictures that you put on your post. It is a lot easier to see visuals with what you are talking about, especially when talking about clothes! I couldn’t believe that 13 million people are jobless in the U.S. The number just seems unreal when thinking about it. Thanks again for your insight on some great discount stores, and outfit ideas! My favorite discount would have to be Forever21. They have such cute business attire, but you have to go on the right day to find them!”

Comment #5 kbixby1‘s post “Informational Interview Recap” 4/12

Hey! I really liked this post on your interview with Allie. Her job sounds very interesting and you asked a lot of great questions. I thought that it was ironic that she said the first thing she does in the morning is check all of her social media sites. It is helpful that we do have the skills on facebooking, and twitter in order to use them in job interviews as skills that we posses. Also, I found it interesting that she said to know AP Style. I have worked a lot with APA, but really only my PR writing and Journalism class we have written in AP. I will need to brush up on my AP style skills!

Comment #6 allykup123′s post “Interviewing a PR professional” 4/12

Hey Ally- I loved the interview with your mom. Her company sounds really interesting, selling to such large corporate clients. It must be fun to have your mom in some way of the same career oath that you are taking. It sounded really neat to work with such different clients such as Nissan, and Duke University, on a daily basis. I bet it is true that a day really never is the same. I have to agree with your mom about how important the writing skills are. I wish that there was another writing class to take at GSU besides PR writing to get our press release writing up to par!

Comment #7 Allison’s post “Internship Advice”  4/15

Allison-I really liked this post on internship advice. It’s really cool that your friend gave you some contact information from her internship because it is really true, it’s all about who you know these days! I completely agree with your friend when she says that you need to adapt to different situations. I found this when I did my internship in NYC, dealing with different clients. I also liked the video on this post of the “intern queen”. I had never heard of her, but she did give some good advice. It defiantly helps to introduce yourself to as many people who you meet during your internship and make a contact list. I tried to get business card, and then follow-up with them closer to graduation.

Comment #8 Emily’s post “Social Media… To Use or Not to Use…??” 4/15

Hey Emily-I would have to agree 100% that I mostly was only involved in social networking before getting into my PR classes too. I think LinkedIn and PR Open Mic are great tools that I have just started getting really involved in. Now I can see that social networking, like blogging, can really help in the real world. After my internship last summer when I was able to teach a client how to use wordpress, I saw how all of this practice really does help! I really enjoyed your podcast, I have never done one before, so maybe we can sometime together!

Comment #9 B.Nixon’s post “Virial Video Projects, Spring 2010” 4/20

I thought that all of these videos were really great! I wanted to take Social Media, but I just didn’t have time before graduation to fit it into my schedule. Throughout my PR classes I have luckily used a lot of social media, so I have gained experience in this field. One of my favorite video’s from this post was the very first one, by James Kicklighter, Kacie Whigham and Mackenzie Stratton. I thought their tour of Veazey Hall was original and it showed off our new location in a unique way. I also liked how they used humor in the video, which made it fun to watch. Overall, I thought all of the students did a very nice good with the videos; I was impressed by everyone’s skills!

Comment #10 Marilyn’s post “Career Services Event with Big Time Benefits” 4/21

Marilyn-I am glad that we were able to attend this event. I think we were both in the same boat with our knowledge and use with LinkedIn before the workshop, so it was good to be there together. I think the best part was to get information on networking and being able to look up company’s profiles. Also, I really liked the video in our post. It was a really good wrap up of the information from the workshop, and a little extra by giving step by stop on how to look for jobs by the job title, industry, and location. Great post!

Comment #11 Meghan’s post “Shadow Project” 4/21

I really liked your shadowing post! You had an awesome presentation and it was very interesting to listen to all that you did while you were shadowing. I thought that it was a great idea that you were able to put your slideshow up on slideshare so that viewers can look at your presentation and follow along too! Also, it’s so cool that the company used your invitation ideas and the press release for their actual events in Sav! Those will be great items for your portfolio, and good luck with your internship there too! Congrats!

Comment #12  Jeff’s post “Interview with Paul Floeckher” 4/21

Jeff- I really enjoyed reading your interview with Mr. Floeckher. It is cool that he is a GSU grad as well as works here still. I have heard him speak before in Mrs. Groover’s class and he seems like a very successful guy! I think that it is interesting that a lot of the interviews that I have read from people in the industry and they all say, “No week is the same”. I guess that is good because it will keep us busy. I also thought it was interesting that he said that there was a lot of marketing involved in his job. I think maybe we should have more similar courses with advertising/marketing/pr.

Comment # 13 Ally Kup’s post “Cover Letters and Resumes- They’re a Bigger Deal than You May Think” 4/21

Ally- I really enjoyed your post about your career service event that you went to on resumes and cover letters. I have received so much different feedback and recommendations on what they should look like, the content, and so on that it is just confusing sometimes! Another thing that I was happy to see in your post was that a resume CAN be more than one page in length! I have heard a lot of opinions on that and I guess it comes down to preference. A good word of advice that I have always heard was to not make it more than one page unless necessary, and not to bore them with irrelevant information. I like your picture too!

Comment #14 Post on “24 hr. Bangkok Special” 4/21

So, I have to say I wasn’t sure what your post was going to entail with your title, which is why I kept reading! First of all, good for you for asking off a day of work for this experience! I am the exact same way when it comes to taking off work, so I know where you are coming from. I wish I would have seen this email because it sounded really interesting! I thought it was really neat that you got to be one-on-one with Mr. Rowe and I did not know that a Diplomat in Residence is the equivalent to a Two Star General! How neat! Well congrats on finding out what field you want to go into and your post was very well written!

Comment #15 Phirst and Phoremost‘s post “Understanding the Times” 4/21

I really liked this post and completely agree with understanding how much times have been changing. I can just think back to when I was in middle school and my mom and dad were getting cell phones, and I wanted a walk-man so bad that didn’t skip when I dropped it. Now I just recently lost my i-pod, completely different technology and I feel lost. It is scary to think not only how much technology and times have changed in America…. But across the world. Check out this you tube video. I saw it in class it’s called Did you know? It’s really interesting, but kind of scary at the same time.

Comment #16 Allison’s post “Eagle Expo Career Fair” 4/21

Hey Allison- It is funny how you talked about being the person behind the A type personality stunning a company executive with their resume because this is why I have shunned away from going to career fairs. I am not much for competition in front of such a large group, but I really enjoyed reading the tips that you have developed from your experience. I think it is a great idea to go to tables that do not have as much of a brand name or long line in front of it because an opportunity could be waiting, as well as a position that would be great experience before working for a large corporation. Great post!

Comment #17 Dsmilze‘s post “Internship Advice” 4/22

I am in senior seminar too as an elective, but I did do two short internships last summer. I would agree with both Maranda and Shmeria on their internship advice. Both of your friends look like that had really cool internships. Did they get hired for after graduation? I have tried to keep in contact with my internship directors, but I always feel like I’m interrupting them or bothering them with my updates and questions. Oh well, hopefully it will pay off.

Comment #19 Meghan C‘s post “YouTube PR Channels” 4/22

I was excited to see your post about another great feature of PROpen Mic. I have just recently started to get the hang of the site, so it is always interesting to find out new features and benefits from the website. I took a look at the links that you provided and how cool! What a great idea for companies, especially pr companies to be video casting their new clients, events, etc. On Edelmans’s videos they had a general manger that was at LiveCity Vancouver, which was their client, and was telling about what we were going to see over the week of games. This is an effective, low-cost solution for Edelman. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Comment #20 MLStratton’s post “Be MY Guest” 4/22

I thought that this was a great post! Everything really rang true when reading about what your guest blogger had to say! I was watching Jessica Simpson on Oprah promoting her new show that you mention and it really does make you wonder if it is all a big publicity stunt. On the Oprah show, Jessica stated she was a size 6 when all of the tabloids came out calling her “fat” in the “mom jeans”. Our society is just consumed with what we look like and wear, which I feel that we are some to blame because we buy the magazines and diet pills. Interesting point of view though!

Comment #21 Meg’s post “Freelance” 4/22

Hey Meg- I think it’s really cool that you want to get into freelance. I know we had talked about before that we both aren’t too interested in corporate PR, but I didn’t think about doing some freelance work. I think you would be really good at that and it would be fun! Once you get into the area and meet people it should be easier to gain some creditability and build up that portfolio! Maybe you can get free tattoos too!! Good luck with everything!  🙂

Comment #22  Allie’s post “How to Stay Current in PR” 4/22

Allie- I really liked your post. I thought I was staying current in the busy industry of PR, but you have it down pat! I do check a lot of the social media sites, but I am still trying to get into LinkedIn and PROpen Mic. I know you guys have you a lot of that in social media, so that will be great for you guys in the work place. I had heard of podcast and have listened to a few before, but not too much with PR professionals. I am interested to see what the “Hobson and Holtz” podcast is like! And lastly, I have to agree Mrs. Nixon’s blog is a great way to stay current. A lot of my friends that are in PR at UGA say that their professors look after her blog and her examples! Go Mrs. Nixon!


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