Posted by: Sarah Kemp | November 15, 2009


PROpenMic is a great social networking tool for students, practitioners and faculty. There are members from all over the world, which provides a unquie learning experience for all involved. I learned about PR Open Mic through friends that are also PR Majors at Georgia Southern University and I think that it is a great tool to use for networking as well as finding out new information in the PR world.

PROpenMic now offers connections with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This allows several different ways to access PROpenMic as well as share information with several different social medias. I would defintly suggest using PR OpenMic for online resoucres and networking.

Some Quick facts about PR OpenMic are as follows:

  • PROpenMic has 5,400+ members
  • Faculty: 427
  • Students: 2,639
  • Practitioners: 2,499
  • There is, of course, some overlap as that does not add up to the 5,396 members listed on the site.
  • Some people identify themselves as both faculty and practitioner.
  • PROpenMic has 450+ colleges and universities represented as members
  • Members from over 70 countries.


  1. I use PR Open Mic too Sarah! and its great!

  2. I’ve come across so many posts lately that mention PR Open Mic. It sounds like it would be a great organization to join due to its networking potential. It’ kind of neat how people can consider themselves practitioners and faculty within this group. Also, it seems to be available on several different social media sites which will help more people find out about it. I’ll have to check out the Facebook link you provided and maybe join. How many groups are you a member of anyway, Kemp? You’re such a go-getter. You’ll have to hook me up with a few.

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