Posted by: Sarah Kemp | November 4, 2009

Language of the Image

In my Public Relations (PR) class, PR Publications, we were assigned to take an online class called The Language of Image. It is put on by News University and provides free, online classes in a variety of topics such as image, journalism, elements of photographs, ect. It provides about an hour of interactive information that you can learn on your own time.

I found the course very interesting because it was a lot different from learning in a regular classroom. I had my own time to take the class, choose what I wanted to focus the most time on and then test what I had learned. I really liked looking at the different photographs in the image section and how an image can really describe more than what is focused on in the photo. They discussed the three categories of photo types: informational, passive, and active photos. It showed how adding objects or just a solid action in a photo can either break or make what you are trying to get across in the photo. What do you want the readers to get from the photograph is what I really took away from that section.

emotionThe other Image section was also very interesting talking about the single and multiple elements of photographs. I never imagined how many different elements photographers have to think about when shooting… emotion, light, mood, sence of place, surprise, mood, and many others. I really liked how the program gave me many examples of each type of photograph because it gave me a better idea how each element truly effected how you can view a photograph. For example, the emotional elements of the photos can offer a connection with the photograph and can also bring out private moments for the people photographed or those seeing the photo.

sb10065792h-00191112996You can see in each photo that it brings out a different type of emotion and for each person it is different. It is important to look at each element and determine what there is behind each picture. 

 I think that the program could have added a little more video learning by having the Instructors, John Davidson and Maria Mann maybe say some information or tips on how they would suggest finding, or taking such in depth and detailed pictures or where to use certain types of photos. Overall I enjoyed the class and have looked through the many other courses that News University offers on their site.


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