Posted by: Sarah Kemp | October 16, 2009

Balloon Boy

I am sure that everyone has heard this on the news yesterday and today, but here are a few articles from PRSSA of balloon boy. Was it a publicity stunt or not? People have many opinions after hearing about the families episode on Wife Swap, the reality TV show show on ABC. I will let you decide for yourself…Balloon Boy!

This can show you how much press and publicity one incident can receive just from an “accident”. This family was front page on every news paper, website, and news station as the story unfolded. This was defiantly bad PR for the WifeSwap reality show in my opinion because what else are these families pulling stunts about on the show?



  1. This was too much, I can’t beleive all the stuff that was going on with this Family! Def bad PR!

  2. One of my favorite news stories of all time. I feel a bit bad for finding it so hilarious, but it is. I followed this story from start to finish and could not believe how silly that family is. Poor little Falcon had to lie on national TV and got so nervous about it that he threw up on the set; that is TV magic. You’re right though, about the publicity making the situation blow up. It was this media frenzy that the balloon family were able to feed off of and get the publicity they so desired. This happened a while ago and I still have not seen or read a story that comes close to entertaining me like this one.

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