Posted by: Sarah Kemp | September 27, 2009


Typography is a fancy word for something that we see and analyze each in every day in advertisements, school work, and on television. Our text book, Strategic Publications: Designing for Target Publics, said that “Typography comprises an important design decision because fonts portray meanings and feelings that should be matched to the key message” (p. 73). For example, if there is a serious message trying to be reached like the TRUTH campaign for anti-tobacco awareness the fonts are very clear to read and formal fonts, such as Times New Roman rather than a fancier font like Lucida Sans like in the middle photo that says “typography” on the wall.


“Typography is a visual form of communication. It is much more than a grouping of letters that form a word. Typography has form, shape, personality and character, texture, and the power to express mood, meaning and idea.”

-Strategic Publications: Designing for Target Publics


I found that it was also important in designing publications to recognize different typography on web pages. An article on Web Page Design for Designers stated, “In every situation where type is used — in publishing, signage, packaging, television, etc. — designers have to adapt their techniques to suit the medium”. Because type in on a computer screen it is just as important than it is on paper. No one wants to look at a screen and not be able to tell what to do and where on the web site.

The article had a few suggestions with typography for web design…

  • Always make the same font for body text, headings and sub titles.
  • Make headings bold and body text normal to differentiate the two from each other.
  • Break up paragraphs so that new ideas are easily seen.
  • Test your web pages and sites before you publish them.
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