Posted by: Sarah Kemp | September 20, 2009

Segmenting Publics

In my Public Relation Publications class we have been asked to pick a client to design our work for this semester. My client that I have chosen is based in Kissimmee, FL, called Give Kids the World (GKTW). It is a resort that allows children that have life-threatening illnesses to have a week with their families for free. They can spend their time in the village, or at the theme parks in Orlando, all for free. I will be designing a brochure for my client to use.


In my PR Publication class we have been talking about segmenting publics in design. I think that my clients public would be best determined by income and life stages because GKTW is a non-profit organization, and I need to focus the brochure on publics that would be interested in donating and volunteering. I feel that the Second Adulthood age group, 55 to 85+, would be a good target audience for GKTW because they are looking for new relationships and volunteer opportunities with their favorite causes, says our Segmenting Publics textbook. Also, because I have volunteered with GKTW before, I know that there were many individuals in this age group that helped with the village. The Upper class and middle class will be another segment to target because of their interest in donating to worthy causes.

My brochure will be impacted by the segmenting because I will need a brochure that appeals to these two segments. I think I will need to include in-depth information with a clean structure and fonts. It is important to have a good design to engage the audiences, but more information will be needed to target my segments. For example, I think that the brochure on the left would not fit my target. It is only one shade of color, which is particular bright for an older public. The brochure on the right has a calming color scheme, but still allows the design to be unique. There are photos to grad attention, but also good information. I think that this brochure would be more appropriate for GKTW.



  1. This is a cool resort then. making a child happy inspite of the condition he is in makes things wonerful.

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