Posted by: Sarah Kemp | September 11, 2009


In my Public Relations class, PR Publications, we have discussed “CRAP”. The acronym CRAP is used for four design principles! They are:

Contrast– makes objects and words to stand out and be unique. Creates dynamics on a page.

Repetition helps to create consistency and unity through the page.

Alignment– creates an easy “flow” and makes things easy on the eye and to read.

Proximity-groups related segments all into one and puts unrelated things together.

*Robin Williams is the author of the acronym CRAP.

I would like to talk a little more about the element ALIGNMENT.

Alignment is very important for several reasons. Alignment is very similar to balance in a publication. Our text book, “Strategic Publications Designing For Target Publics”, it discusses the difference between Formal Balance and Informal Balance. Formal balance arranges similar items, so that one half mirrors the other and informal balance arranges different items so that the right half visually looks the same as the left.


This picture shows the difference of the text alignment and how it can change the look and balance of a design. Either one can work, it just depends on what audience you are trying to reach.


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