Posted by: Sarah Kemp | April 23, 2009

All about TWITTER!

I could not believe it when in class we were talking about someone was hired to work at the 2009 Masters Tournament as a “Twinternship”. Which basically meant that the intern would be updating the golfers as much as they can through TWITTER! After using Twitter with in class assignments and for part of our grade, I could not believe someone would get paid to do so… but then I was continued to be shocked.

I was at a Phone-a-thon for my sorority, Phi Mu, and our National Headquarters were there, and I overheard one of the women say I just updated our collections on Twitter! I could not believe it, so I went up there and asked her if she was really making updates and she said “YES! Follow me!” So after this experience too, I was even more shocked with the expanding network of Twitters, until I read an e-mail from my Marketing professor about…

Twinternship’s with Pizza Huts Corporate Headquarters in Dallas Texas. The application for Pizza Hut states, that it is a 10-12 weeks, paid internship in Dallas, where you would be updating their social media platform and working with the PR and Marketing team! What a great way to really see how social media is changing the work field in our generation…


Follow them on Twitter…

@foundation1852 (Phi Mu Foundation)   @pizzahut (Pizza Hut)


  1. Sarah–This is an interesting article! It just goes to show you how PR is expanding with technology! Good job!

  2. You have got to love those women at the phon-a-thon! I should have known that they were up at the front using twitter! This is pretty neat though. I am glad that you brought it up. It is hard to believe that someone’s job could consist of them sitting back and twittering. With technology these days they could be anywhere they wanted as well. They could be sitting on the beach using twitter to update people on their mobile device. Now that is the kind of internship that I want. The only thing missing in your post is where can I sign up?

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