Posted by: Sarah Kemp | April 23, 2009

News Release Quickie

In the world of Public Relations the subject of News Releases are frequent. In my Intro to Public Relations class we discussed the 13 parts of a news release. I have learned about news releases and the commonality and format for them, but have never had it explained it such a simple format, such as the 13 parts…

The 13 parts of a News Release that we discussed were…

  • Letterhead with address
    • usually at the top of the release
  • The words…”News Release”
    • this seems obvious, but it never hurts to be simple and explain everything!
  • “For Immediate Release” or “Embargo”
    • Immediate release meaning can put out as soon as received
    • Embargo means to not be put out until the embargo date indicated
    • Make sure you trust the journalist before sending a News Release with top secret information…the journalist are not legally bounded to not release it early.
  • Media Contact Information
  • Headline & Sub line
    • Usually bolded
  • Dateline
    • This is the city and state NOT the date
    • Larger cities only include city (ie- ATLANTA, NEW YORK CITY)
  • Lead
    • Contains the 5 W’s
      • Who, what, where, when and why and how
  • Quotations
    • Make sure the quote sounds reliable/personable
  • Body
    • AP Style
    • More detail, inverted pyramid
  • Page Slugs
    • Written to allow readers to know there is a next page…
    • ie:  -more-
  • Additional Contact Info
  • Boilerplate
  • End Sign
    • Shows the end of the News Release…
    • Many versions used:  -###-, -END-, -30-, or -XXX

Check out my professor, Barbara Nixon’s, slide show below on the 13 parts, so that News Releases come easier for you too!


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