Posted by: Sarah Kemp | April 22, 2009

Craig List Killer- disbelief

After reading this news article I was in disbelief of what it was about…

The popular Craigslist internet site was used in a murder, robbery and assault case with a Boston University Medical student. Philip Markoff is being charged with killing one and suspected of robbing and tying up another. And police have said there could be more victims, said the Associated Press on Tuesday, April 22.

I was in shock when I saw this article and how such a regular looking person, who was a medical student at a prestigious university, with a fiance, could be finding women to attack through websites that are so commonly used across the United States… I hope that he is brought to justice and there is some way that we can regulate all of the popular websites used for “services”… just because I have to, GIRLS BE SMART!

Surveillance Photos Displaying ‘Person of Interest’ in Julissa B



  1. That’s disturbing. It just goes to show you can’t be too careful online. O.o

  2. Yes, I agree. I had a friend that lived near the attack in Boston…scary!

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  4. this is so crazy! Yikes

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  7. AHH! That is so scary. I have heard about this going on before. It is so terrible how people will use sites that are helping people to harm people. It is people like that in the world that gives social networking sites a bad reputation. I suppose you are right people do just need to be smart. The sad part is that people are so trusting because they would never do something like that. I hope that the publicity that this story gets is enough for someone to never do anything like this ever again and for people to watch out for this sort of thing!

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