Posted by: Sarah Kemp | April 15, 2009

PR… All About Options!

Glenn Selig is the President and CEO of SELIG Multimedia , Founder of PRNews Channel, and Founder of The Publicity Agency. Mr. Selig post question and answers on You Tube about Public Relations and his career… I thought it was great that the President of a major company could get on a You Tube broadcast and really talk about his career, showed his love for his job and the field of PR. I found the video, “Careers in Public Relations” an interesting perspective coming from a high executive and also great knowledge to a college student entering the field of PR…

Some of the things he talked about & advice:

  • So many options!
  • Different task and duties everyday…
  • Writing press releases, marketing campaigns, free publicity, advertising, positions companies in the media… broad spectrum!
  • Every Agency is different and provide different aspects…
  • Background in Journalism, PR, Marketing before you start job hunting…


“Be prepared to start at the bottom and work your way to the TOP!”

– Glenn Seilg



  1. Careers in Public Relations are endless! I feel like one could go to so many different directions with this major there is anything from entertainment PR to PR events to what I know you want to do and do some sort of PR for a college. I am glad that you addressed this issue in one of your PR connections. The common theme that keeps arising when talking about jobs in Public Relations is writing. By reading other people’s blogs, having a interview with a PR professional, and watching videos as this one, I feel like writing is going to be extremely important once we get jobs. Better keep those APA books!

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