Posted by: Sarah Kemp | April 15, 2009

48 Hours of Twitter

In my Intro to Public Relations class we have experimented using Twitter, the new and upcoming social network. We have used Twitter to help us follow Public Relation Professionals, communicate with our professor, Barbara Nixon, and for our own personal experience as well. The latest we have done with Twitter was a “48-hour Twitter experience.” We were to be actively involved on Twitter for 48 hours and see what changed or if we had a different experience this time around…

When I started my 48-hours of Twitter, it was all over the news. Many celebrities had started using Twitter, for example Ashton Kutcher, Oprah, Shaq, Ellen DeGeneres, and many more.  Ashton Kutcher was even in a face off with CNN for 1 million “followers” on their page.BC-On the Net-Twitter-First to Million It was a huge change from just the beginning of the semester when Twitter was just talked about in our class. I have to admit I was apprehensive to get back into Twitter at first, but this time around I really enjoyed the Twitter experience… What changed my mind in this 48-hour experience?

  • Signed up for Tweets to text to my phone…
    • SO easy to do under ‘settings’! It was fun to get updates all day, even though I don’t have internet on my phone to write back…I was still able to send updates to my own profile
  • Increased who I was following…
    • Allowed more followers for me!
    • More PR Professionals to get in the news with PR!
  • Followed PR Professionals & people that interested ME…
    • I found that I would check Twitter twice as often to see what my followers were up to and to get the latest news!

After 48-hours I feel that I have a different outlook on Twitter. Using it constant for the shorter amount of time made it less of a hassle to do all the time and I have found that I update and want to get on Twitter frequently! It was really neat following new PR Professionals too. Some that I would recommend following are… Michael Cherenson (@mcherenson). He is a member of Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and also a PRSA chair. When I was following him he was in Dallas speaking with PRSA and local chapters in their community. He would give great links to things being discussed in PRSA on their blog such as crisis in PR and would put up opinions from himself and others about the situations.

Another PR Professional I enjoyed following was “PRtips”(@PRtips).  PRtips is the representative for the PR and marketing company Springboard. I liked the topics that were tweeted and would tweet about current events that the company was doing. It referenced a great blog for PR professionals, “Bad Pitch Blog“, that I liked looking at as well! Another great PR Professional to follow was Maria Olsson-Tyson (@prmaria). She is the owner of Global Media PR, so you can imagine the helpful insight that she has for public relation students. She updates frequently with helpful tips she has found and has a great sense of humor! Check out this from @dailycandy from Maria’s page…”Spreadtweet” which can make Twitter disguised as an Excel document… Twitter at work without your boss knowing!18oprah_span

I would still like to learn more about Twitter after my 48-hour experiment… I would like to know what “RT” means when it shows up on a Tweet. I was thinking return tweet…not sure. I also would like to learn more lingo because I sometimes felt out of the loop when seeing some short hand writings. Overall I think that I have gotten the full affect of Twitter and actually enjoy using it! I wish that I had intranet access on my phone to tweet 24/7, but maybe I can talk my parents into and say…It could help my grades. I’ll tweet about it!

Others I am following that I would suggest:

Follow me on Twitter… @skemp1 ! It is so easy your Grandma could learn!

TRY it Today 🙂twitter



  1. Sarah–I’m glad you got the hang of Twitter! It can really come in handy in the PR world, and it is predicted to be a important area of growth for our career field!

  2. Thanks Cinnamon! I can’t believe all the PR Prof. on Twitter, I also got my friends to join! What is your name on Twitter?

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