Posted by: Sarah Kemp | April 6, 2009

Podcast Assignment

In my Public Relations class, our assignment was to listen to a podcast from iTunes. Podcast are all free and have many different topics and genres that you can choose from. They are assessable through Apples, iTunes and many other websites. annie-jennings-715012

I chose to do a podcast on a Public Relations Professional named Annie Jennings. She has a great Public Relations career with many clients, mostly for authors and an expert to the media. The podcast was an interview with Annie and Stacy about having the “million dollar expert and her tips of living your best life.

Annie speaks about the empowerment of others is the secret. When you are supplying needs of someone else, it causes a domino effect. She said some people calls it “world peace”! Also, embracing the concept of helping others is such a large part of the million dollar concept because you can be  financially successful while helping others.

Some of the tips that Annie stated were:

1. Understand the best investment is in yourself- who else is going to do it for you?

  • You must invest in yourself with continuous growth and it will allow you to have new ideas and new innovations for your industry. This will allow you to share this mindset with others and spread the news.
  • Also meet new people. Annie talks about who you know is so important.
  • Network, network…

2. Spirituality is very important no matter what religion you believe- it can just be when you are listening to the radio while driving and you come to thoughts that make sense for your work.

  • Annie has said that she does this all the time in the car and finds out the next challenge and what is next in her career all the time.
  • You can write down what you are thinking and make connections later. Also, you can record your thoughts on most cell phones!

My favorite analogy that Annie used was that we can “Bake our cake and eat it too”. I thought that this was a great concept for all professionals to hear, but it shows that if you are happy with your career and have the mindset to do your job well, you will always have your cake. You have to be able to love what you do. Annie makes the analogy to put all of your ingredients in it and you will get the best cake!


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