Posted by: Sarah Kemp | April 1, 2009

Chapter 9

Public Opinion, Opinion Leaders, & Persuasion were the main topics discussed in this chapter. All three of these subjects are very important in the field of public relations. Public opinion is very difficult to measure and no public is ever going to all agree on the same opinion, which makes the PR profession so difficult and so great at the same time… This is where persuasion is then discussed.

Persuasion is used to influence a population on a certain subject and is a great way to have a positive or negative opinion on something. I thought the section on persuasive speaking was very interesting because in almost all of my classes in college have stressed how important it is to speak and especially in the PR field, to speak persuasively.

“Psychologist have found that successful speakers (and salespeople) use several persuasion techniques” and one of them is…

  • “Yes-yes”
  • Start with points with which the audience agrees to develop a pattern of “yes” answers. Getting agreement to a basic premise often means that the receiver will agree to the logically developed conclusion.

    Persuasion is always going to be important in the workforce, especially in PR, so it is important to be able to know different tactics and skills to persuade clients, employees, the press,  and any other events that might need persuasion.

    Notes from: Public Relations Stategies and Tactics (9th ed.) by D. Wilcox, G. Cameron.
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