Posted by: Sarah Kemp | March 31, 2009


After a class cancellation, I was excited to watch the video that Mrs. Nixon had sent us called TRIBES by Seth Gordin. Mr. Gordin is an author and public speaker devoted to getting voice to the world…


After watching the video via, YOU TUBE, I found many interesting points that we can use to relate to or Public Relations course and in our blogs as well. It was interesting to think of a blog as a “tribe” because I have never really thought of it like that before. He discussed that you can used your blog to share similar interest or for networking purposes.

Gordin also used good examples to make blogging connect to people when using sport teams and that you want to cheer for your team. I liked that Mr. Gordin was talking about the blogging world too! I thought that the video was very interesting and really kept my attention!


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