Posted by: Sarah Kemp | March 26, 2009

Job Interview Tips from Sarah

I have found that after many job interviews there are a few things that should happen before, during, and after the interview. I also have learned helpful hints from my parents, who have done many interviews and hiring in their careers. My Aunt also has put her input when I have asked her for advice on interviewing and the follow up with the company. I have found that asking your family for help is a good way to get an honest and straight forward opinion to help you in the workforce.

Here is the Top 10 list that I have put together:time_clock

1. Be on time.

· It is your first impression when arriving at an interview so being punctual is very important. It is also a good idea to arrive early in case there is anything that needs to be discussed with a secretary or additional paperwork before the interview.

2. Dress to impress.

· Wear bold colors. Blues and red are power colors that can be impressive in the interviewing process. Do not wear anything revealing and wear something that YOU feel comfortable in.

3. Bring your resume to the interview.

· You can follow along while the interviewer is talking, maybe even know what questions will come next by the order that they are talking about things listed.

4. Research the company before the interview.

· The more you know the better. The interviewer will be more impressed if you can comment on something that you have learned or give your opinion on something that you have researched.

5. Prepare questions to ask after the interview is complete.

· Almost every interview that I have been on, the interviewer ask at the end if I have any questions. Even if you do not, it sounds better that you ask simple things so that they do not feel like you have anything to say. It could even lead to a more informal conversation as you exit so that you are remembered!

6. Keep eye contact and engage in the conversation.

· Eye contact allows the interviewer know that you are following the conversation and that you respect their position. Practice in normal conversation and it will come very easily.

7. Cell phones, watches, pager… anything that could disrupt is OFF!

· Self explanatory… this would be so embarrassing. Just leave them in the car.


8. Have a good hand shake and opening statement prepared!

· In order to be confident having a hello and handshake would help you feel more at ease and start off a positive experience for you and the interviewer. Practice with your friends!

9. Do not smoke or wear too much perfume/cologne.

· Smoke and smell good products can carry a heavy smell with your clothing and you do not need anything that would cause a distraction or make a bad impression on your first impression. Worst case scenario, they could be allergic…

10. Follow up ASAP.

· A few days after the interview, write a thank you note to the interviewer and ask any more questions that you have thought of or ask if they had any more questions for you. This will show that you are truly interested with the position you have interviewed for.


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