Posted by: Sarah Kemp | March 23, 2009



horse-or-what-optical-illusionsSee what you can find in this picture

After looking at many Illusions in my Intro to PR class, I could not help but to go look for more… Illusions are used as an important metaphor in the workforce because many things will seem one way, but are actually another. We must be careful of true intentions and make sure that something does not become an illusion in our distraction…

I still can not believe some of the illusions that people can come up with! It usually takes me some time to see the hidden figures… I found a site of all types of illusions realistic and fiction.



  1. LOVE these illusion things, so weird what you can find when you look really hard!

  2. […] LOVE the illusion pictures! March 27, 2009 Filed under: Blog Comments — allykup123 @ 7:46 pm […]

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