Posted by: Sarah Kemp | March 23, 2009

Chapter 8


In Chapter 8, I thought that the measurement of message exposure was one of the most important parts of the chapter because of the importance of evaluating different Public Relation firms and departments to compare competition.

I thought it was very interesting to take a look into how to evaluate the message’s importance over daily news stories. I also found that measuring the audience was very important. It is not something that you would immediately think to do, but is very important to see if the audience is understanding the message, as well as their attitudes on the message being sent… For example, the baseline study measures the attitudes before, during, and after public relations campaign (Wilcox & Cameron, p. # 205). If your audience is not understanding your messages, then there is a problem in communication and a new plan must be developed. All agencies and PR firms budget in research on the audience response to campaigns to find out this important message.

Notes from: Public Relations Stategies and Tactics (9th ed.) by D. Wilcox, G. Cameron.

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