Posted by: Sarah Kemp | March 23, 2009

Chapter 7

Communication is Key!

Communication is Key!

In Chapter 7, the Public Relations Perspective was one of the main variable for communication in Public Relations. Having a quality message being sent and received is very important in the field and is the primary example of two-way communication. I feel that two-way communication is much more effective and can get messages and feedback more directly. This allows you to know your audience and make sure they understand the messages you are sending. If there is a lack of two-way communication it is going to be hard to work with employees, listen to clients, and work with your team. Two-way communication is a great way to work in teams because it gives the opportunity to work in smaller groups and then bring back information to work in larger groups. Overall, every type of communication is important in PR and you must be able to communicate well too.

Notes from: Public Relations Stategies and Tactics (9th ed.) by D. Wilcox, G. Cameron.

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