Posted by: Sarah Kemp | February 8, 2009

Chapter 5

In Chapter 5 of Public Relations Strategies and Tactics we learned about the importance of research and the uses that it can have in the PR Profession. “Research is a multipronged tool that is involved in virtually every phase of communication program. In general, studies show that public relations departments spend about 3-5 percent of their budget on research” (Wilcox & Cameron, p. 128). This shows how important research is and how it benefits the field.

Some of the important reasons Wilcox and Cameron (2009) state in Chapter 5 is as follows:

  • To achieve creditability with management.
  • To define audiences and segment publics.
  • To prevent crises.
  • To sway pubic opinion.

festival_of_booksChapter 5 also touched on secondary research such as the Library and Archival research (p. 132), which as we our finding out even in college every day that it is necessary to be creditable and sufficient when dealing with the public. Overall, research is very important in the field of Public Relations.

Notes from: Public Relations Stategies and Tactics (9th ed.) by D. Wilcox, G. Cameron.

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