Posted by: Sarah Kemp | February 5, 2009



Twitter” was not a word that I had used in my vocabulary very often until my Into Public Relations class at Georgia Southern. The on line communication network was similar to status updates on Facebook, so I originally started using Twitter similarly. It did not take long to get into the jargon of the new network. There were “tweets”, “hash tags”, “tweetup”, and “DM’s”. After using Twitter while in class and seeing the different shot cuts to search, follow classmates, and use the network I really started to open up to use Twitter.

I liked how you could have different backgrounds and a profile picture, but it was not as complicated as other networks I had used before with pictures, groups, events, etc. It was simple, but if you had something to share you could just share the link with other and then they also had the opportunity to comment back. I also liked seeing the updates of my classmates and trying to use all the applications Twitter had to offer.

I am going to try to search more people to follow that have the same interest as myself, to get a broader picture of what the network can do for me. I can defiantly see the value of finding jobs, internships, and even simple questions while using Twitter. I think that if you can have it set up to your phone, would be the best way to update constantly and really use Twitter to the best ability. After all, I did like learning a new way to communicate with all sorts of people and look forward to using Twitter more often!

Here is an example of a Twitter page:




  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about our One Week of Twitter assignment. I’m glad that you see the power of Twitter for PR professionals.

  2. Thank you!

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